SHELL ONLY ADDITION-"We Build It-You Finish It"

What is a "Shell"?

A weathered shell is the perfect solution for building on a budget. Start your project now and complete it in phases as your budget allows. You can use your own floor plan or start with Rockies Renovations in house design.

Here's how it works. We build you a complete weathered in shell which includes a foundation, framing, roof cover, installed windows, exterior doors with lock sets, garage door(s) and exterior paint. Then you finish the interior as time and money allows.

You have the option to complete it yourself or bring us in to complete it when you're ready. 

We want our customers to be proud of the new addition to their home and a happy customer will help spread the word. High quality, additions and "shells"  are a specialty. Schedule an appointment today for a free estimate to discuss the process of building your dream addition/shell or simply to get more information on your options. Our rates are competitive and we want you to be 100% satisfied every step of the way.